Our newest product! Crematory Information Management System (CiMS) inherits all the best features from its parent MiMS, however CiMS is designed and built specifically for Crematories! CiMS is just as scalable and capable as the very popular and successful MiMS software.

CiMS was designed to help automate the cremation process and includes all the required documentation for each phase of the cremation process. Using CiMS within your crematory business will also help to minimize your liability by having a detailed record of every cremation you do. With the cremation rate on the rise, and the workload increasing, there has never been a better time to implement CiMS and give yourself peace of mind by effectively managing your cremation information.

CiMS features include:

Detailed Case Information
Human and Pet Cremation
Cremation Forms
Processing Workflow

MiMS integration
Quickbooks integration

CiMS was built to function much like MiMS to ensure the most user friendly experience possible. You'll be able to quickly learn the software and start reaping the benefit instantly! With your annual support you also get the same excellent support team that has made MiMS an industry leader!

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