Imagine a resource that gives you a comprehensive after-care programme for your families and community, which is built
into your website, bringing people back to your site time and time again and keeping your firm top of mind in your community.

Dr. Bill Webster understands grief,

not just in theory, but from personal experience, losing his young wife in 1983. He has turned that
tragedy into an opportunity to assist and encourage grieving people. We are pleased to offer his
expertise, insights and helpful resources on this website. We trust they will bring some understanding
and encouragement to you on your own grief journey.

“There are no words to describe the overwhelming sense of pain you
feel when someone you care about dies.”

Resources for the Newly Bereaved

In the early days after a loss, when both disbelief and emotions threaten to overwhelm
us, it is important to understand what is happening, and to validate the fact that you are
not “losing your mind.” You are experiencing grief, which is a normal reaction to what is
always an unwelcome event; but which at the same time is also one of life’s most difficult
experiences. When you have digested these resources, you will be ready to move on
to the Grief Journey materials.

Resources for the Grief Journey

The Grief Journey section brings you information and resources on many aspects of the
grief journey. We have articles on various topics: our “Virtual Grief Counselor” where
Dr. Bill answers many of your questions about grief; our “Understanding Grief” video
series; and our Dr. Bill original video series “From Mourning to Dawn” including a
downloadable participants guide.

Dr. Bill Webster’s “The Grief Journey” includes:

  • A section for the Newly Bereaved, another for
    those on the Grief Journey

  • Video Programs on various topics

  • Helping Someone who is Grieving

  • The “Virtual Grief Counsellor” where Dr Bill answers questions on video asked by families who are in the grieving process

  • I Didn't Plan For This - Moving
    on after an Unexpected Death

  •  Understanding Grief

  • Articles For Grieving People

  • From Mourning To Dawn DVD

  • An exclusive “Facebook” forum

“Each one of us has enormous potential to help a grieving
Helping takes more than good intentions, however.
We need to know what to do.”

What are the Advantages of using The Grief Journey Support System?

  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  • It is always changing with new and fresh material monthly.

  • Grieving people like to watch, listen and interact, rather than just read materials like brochures or newsletters.
    Our programme gives people both.
  • The program is your personal grief
    support center on your website.

  • The Grief Center drives traffic back to
    your website after a funeral. This will
    ensure your firm stays relevant with
    your families and community.

  • It offers suggestions for people planning a funeral service, including poems, readings and how to give a eulogy.

  • It offers an ongoing, ever-
    changing multi-media program
    of support materials for people grieving after a death; for those
    going through a life threatening situation; and for families, friends
    and professionals who want to
    know how to help and support.