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George Darte of George Darte Funeral Home             

"Working with FuneralTech has been a pleasure.  The staff are extremely friendly, knowledgable and always
available to help.  We've worked with several other companies in the profession that offer software but we've
really noticed that FuneralTech takes customer service to the next level.  They understand that we are a 24/7
profession and that weekends and holidays aren't the same for us.  I think they nailed it with their tag line
Funeral Technology Partners.  Lastly, it is very comforting to know that they are all experienced in the profession
and have many long standing relationships.  This really holds true when they innovate new features and products,
never before have I seen a company take their clients feedback and enhance their solutions.  I must say if you
haven't seen what they have to offer you should certainly do yourself a favour and see what they have to offer."

Charles A. Castiglia of Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home Inc.

"We switched to FuneralTech back in 2013 after we had the pleasure of a risk free demonstration of their software by
one of their Account Executives.  We were so impressed by the professionalism of the company and the innovative
products they are releasing.  We've used a few technology companies before but never have we had this level of
engagement and a direct line into any and all of the staff.  We were one of the first funeral homes to start using The
Funeral Planner App and we couldn't be happier with the response.  We gave them some feedback when we first started
and unlike a lot of companies they actually acted on it.  I like the fact that they listen to their customers and have their
customers help drive their products.  This has been a great exprience and I can't wait to see what they come out with next."

Adam Martin of Martin Family Cremation & Tribute Services

"We switched both our management software and our websites to FuneralTech. We were so impressed by
the knowledge of the profession and the close relationships they keep with their clients. Normally we wouldn't
try and take on such a large project at once but after discussing the implementation process and seeing the
product I felt we really needed to make the switch. I must admit I was still a little bit nervous with how all of
this was going to roll out with my staff. We have a few locations and after the first location was done with their
installs and training it was evident that we made the right decision FuneralTech has these processes down to a
science. To my surprise the management software and websites were so user friendly that my staff didn't need
much training at all.  Although the resources they have come with training manuals and videos on top of the 1 on 1
          training was fantastic.  We liked the software from FuneralTech so much that a month in we also purchased the
          only product we hadn't bought from them The Funeral Planner App"


Todd Lumbard of Speers Funeral Chapel

"FuneralTech has been great to work with.  Our firm likes to switch up our website design a few times a year and we
found that the previous companies would always charge us.  We can change the website at no cost and we also get
all of the new features they develop for free.  This is something that our firm was pleasently surprised by.  The big
difference I see with FuneralTech is that they truly understand our profession and they want to build products that
not only help our funeral homes but they want to add value to our families.  They've done a tremendous job of
working with Funeral Directors across North America to ensure that they developed their system specifically for this
profession.  They are always looking at new ways to innovate and help our profession use technology to better their
business.  I think The Funeral Planner App is great example of this.  An app that increases the average revenue per
funeral and at the same time increases client family loyalty.  This is a real win-win for everyone."


Rick Harris Jr. of Paul W. Harris Funeral Home

"Unlike other website companies who have cookie cutter templates,
FuneralTech allowed my funeral home to build the custom website it
needed so we can continue to offer a high level of information and
service that our families look for."

Tom & Linda DeBurger of DeBurger Funeral Home

"We are very happy with the new MIMS program. It reduces the amount of time that you are entering information
into the system. It is like one stop shopping. You enter information in once, and are able to print out the necessary forms.
really like the attachment capabilities where all the information for that client is in one place. The support team have
been excellent with the tweaking of the forms to suit our use. The support team gets right back to you with an answer
or find out if they do not know. Shelby was a great help with our new website. The website administration is very user
friendly. We are discovering new ways to use both the website and the MIMS program every day. Awesome job Funeral Tech."

Lou Stefanelli of Stefanelli Funeral Home, Inc

"After getting to know Mike Hepburn and his outstanding staff it was a without question decision to switch to Funeral Tech. The new MIMS software easily integrates with the websiteand makes for a smooth uplink to the funeral homes website. Mike and his staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and a privilege to work with. They are always there for us, to answer questions and tech support no matter how trivial the issue may be. Shelby is outstanding at her job and made me comfortable with the transition to the new website and it was without incident. I also love the fact that I have total control over the layout and design of my website and that I can change the design whenever it is convenient for me and I can accomplish this from my office without having to contact the company. I would recommend anyone that does not have a website or considering changing funeral management software or website providers to please call Funeral Tech. I promise you will not be disappointed. This company and its outstanding family of caring people are an irreplaceable asset to the funeral homes that work with them. I look forward to a continued relationship with Funeral Tech for many years to come. Thank you for all that you do to make our lives as funeral directors easier."

Mark McCormack of Davidson Funeral Home, Port Colborne Ontario

“Being a non-technical Funeral Director learning a new system was scary, but now realized what was scary was using the system that we were using previously. Since switching to FuneralTech for our DVD productions we found that the interface was easy to learn and use. We were able to add unlimited songs and tell how long our video was before we created it. There was a lot of songs, text selections and backgrounds to choose from, it can make each video unique for our families.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!”

C. Jason Smith III of Hastings Funeral Home, Morgantown West Virginia

I began using MiMS several years ago for a multiple location firm directly out of mortuary school. Upon returning home to WV, one of the first things I did was convince the owners of the funeral home I’m at now to invest in MiMS and we did.

With its completely user-friendly set-up and Microsoft Word base, you simply can’t go wrong. I have had employees trained on this system in less than a day. And now with Funeral Tech, it’s becoming even easier with having our funeral home management software and web site under one roof. Elise, Erica, and Sarah have been so easy to work with in making our transitions completely seamless. The support you receive not only in the beginning stages but all throughout  the purchase and use of the system and website is second to none. The support staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and in all of our years with MiMS and now Funeral Tech, we have never had an issue that could not be easily resolved.

Bottom line: Either make the switch or take the jump with Funeral Tech if you’re a first timer to management software or websites. You’ll be very glad you did.