Why Did FuneralTech Release The
100% Money Back Guarantee?

 At FuneralTech we released our 100% Money Back Guarantee because
are a lot of companies out there that offer free websites but let’s
face it these companies aren’t a non for profit. The way they make
money is off of your families.

 We are so confident that you’ll love our products and they will drive your
online profits higher than you ever thought possible. Our commitment
to you as a client is to add that money to your bottom line.
Still not convinced? Take advantage of our limited time 100%
Money Back Guarantee.

What Products Are Eligible For The 100% Money Back Guarantee?

You can take advantage of the 100% Money Back Guarantee with every product we have at FuneralTech.  Please contact any of the staff at FuneralTech to discuss the terms and conditions
of this limited time offer.


How Does The 100% Money Back Guarantee Work?

This promotion is simple and straight forward.  First you select the products you
would like with your dedicated Account Executive.  Once you have selected a product
or products your Account Executive will go over the way you want your system configured. 
At that point you will then work with your Account Manager to get your Management,
Website or App live.  Once you go live we have a chart that you will select where your
specific firm falls into.  From there it is very straight forward, if our products don't work
as we have showcased them to you and you aren't getting the results we've discussed
during the time we have agreed, your firm will get all of their money back.