The Funeral Planner App  

The latest and most innovative technology developed for the funeral sector, a new
and simple way for families to begin planning everything in the privacy of their
own home, and it has been proven to increase the average revenue per funeral.

“I love the fact that it makes a statement about
Tobin Brothers, it actually says we’re modern,
we’re current, we’re relevant to our times”

- Melissa Laird, Funeral Director 

Eliminate The Awkward Moments

This app empowers families, providing them with all the information they need to create
a funeral plan in their own home, in their own time.  They can select through the options
with family or friends, pressure free, enabling them to make informed choices and
decisions about the funeral service that is right for them.


  • Empowers Families
    This app enables families to understand the choices available. Tests have shown that not only do families prefer this app, very often they will choose more products and products of higher value.

  • Funeral Planning For The 21st Century
    From the comfort of their own home, and in their own time, families can learn about the choices they need to make.

  • Save Time
    Families are already familiar with the range of products and services they have to choose from before coming in, enabling you to make the necessary arrangements in a more timely manner.

  • Increase Average Revenue
    More than 12 months of testing have shown that this App can increase average revenue by more than 10%. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Families have responded well to this App, and client satisfaction surveys show this.

Increase the Average Revenue Per Funeral

FuneralTech’s staff will build a custom Funeral Planner App specifically for your funeral home.  
The App can be downloaded by family members before they meet with a funeral arranger, affording 
them an opportunity to review all the options and costs associated with planning a funeral.


“Having everything at home on the iPad was a great idea.  It was really great to have so much information available so our family could discuss the decisions wewould have to make before we met with the funeral arranger.”


Taking care of almost 6,000 funerals annually across 23 locations in Melbourne, Australia, Tobin Brothers introduced The Funeral Planner App to their business, and these results can be directly attributable to it: 

  • Increase of $160 in average revenue per funeral
  • Average flower sales has increased by more than $40
  • 20% increase in “Memories & Tributes” sales
  • Limousine bookings more than doubled
  • Families choosing specialist vehicles (e.g. Vintage Dodge Hearse, Harley Hearse etc)
  • Catering revenues increased by $70,000

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