Did you ever think that you would be able to access your MiMS Elite data remotely from any smart phone or tablet? Now you can with the addition of the Family Arranger App.

Once we connect your Family Arranger App to your MiMS Elite program, you will be able to look up information or create a new case from where ever you are located. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Here are 3 reasons that you need to add the Family Arranger App to your smart phone or tablet.

1. Portability - Now you can access your funeral data at any time... from any location as long as you have a live internet connection.

2. Changeability - The family is calling you to make a change, but you are not at the office... Don't stress out any more, just use the Family Arranger app to make that change without having to leave your current location.

3. Versatility - Whether creating a new case or modifying an existing case, the Family Arranger App will be the perfect fit.

Family Arranger App, as shown on iPad and iPhone