Innovation, practical business tools and powerful marketing solutions for your funeral homes.

FuneralTech is an industry leading technology company that brings innovation, practical business tools and powerful marketing solutions to our funeral home customers. Our mission is to work with you as your technology partner, helping you save time, save money and with our powerful new marketing and revenue generation software, help you make money. We understand that you are busy and that your primary focus must always be on taking care of the families you serve. Our focus is to support you and help you run your business more effectively through the deployment and smooth operation of a range of technology solutions including funeral home websites, funeral home management software and funeral planning apps. We will help you manage your business more efficiently which will ultimately lead to a more productive and profitable funeral home.

Management Software

MiMS (Mortuary Information Management System)
is a long extablished industry leading program and has been redesigned to create a clean, sleek, user-friendly interface. Everything is streamlined and sequential to make entering your data easier and more efficient.

Funeral Home Websites

At FuneralTech we are proud to offer you the
very best design options combined with the most cutting-edge technology to simply and effectively manage your website.

                                                  Your Own Funeral Planning App

The Funeral Planner App is the latest and most innovative technology released from FuneralTech.  This is your funeral home's own personal app that
can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App store. This App has been proven to increase the average revenue per funeral, as well as increase client family satisfaction.
  Find out how it works...

Content Management System

This proprietary state of the art content management system has been specifically designed for the funeral profession. This project was a collaborative effort between several prominent funeral directors across North America and a team of developers and designers. All with the goal of bringing our clients
the best software available to the funeral profession.

Online Tributes

We've designed our online tributes with your families in mind. Never before has a funeral home had this much flexibility to personalize each tribute page to their families needs. We've integrated several tools for you to increase the value your firm offer to your families. We didn't stop there at FuneralTech we've developed several features to drive your online profits higher than you've ever imagined. More...

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